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& The World's Oldest Person A groundbreaking study out of Switzerland discovers that drinking beer makes you friendlier, happier, and less inhibited. Also, we get into the surprisingly complicated business of determining the world's oldest living person.

FW: Thinking: How To Make A Living When Robots Take Our Jobs One of the big questions left to answer is how will we make a living in a world where more of our work is left to automated machinery? Join us already.) Buckle up as your friendly hosts Will and Mangesh race you through a world of fascinating questions.

There are nearly a dozen different types of conjoined twins, but one of the most commonly connected twins — thoracopagus twins — are attached at the upper portion of the torso.The robots aren’t exactly poised to displace everyone tomorrow but that day is coming.Stuff You Should Know: Internet Roundup: The Worst Study Ever?They share a heart, making it nearly impossible to surgically separate them without one or both twins dying.Roughly 40 percent of all conjoined twins are thoracopagus.