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At an extraordinary high rate, some ex-Jehovah's Witnesses are so devastated that they commit suicide.This site will help the ex-Jehovah's Witness understand that coming out of the organization is not an end, but rather another step in the search for truth.I was 18 when I met him, but I still carried most of my religious intolerance with me. I knew I was a homosexual, but there was no chance I would ever act on those desires, even when confronted by another cowboy named Buck who wanted to wrestle naked. More than once on those rodeo road trips, while he was in the shower, I jerked off and fantasized about him, but there was no way in hell that I would ever act on where I speculated his naked wrestling attempts were intended to take me. My religion had assured me that God hated homosexuals. Prayer did not fix what I hoped it would take care of.At that time, I was convinced that all gay men, except for me, wore drag. So here I am, 30 years later, and I know that most organized religions still don't like me. Prayer did not cure me of my desire to wrestle naked with Buck. I tend to think that God doesn't exist, and if He does, He sure as hell doesn't give a damn about my sexuality.No - we're an independent community site offering support for both current and former Jehovah's Witnesses and anyone else who has been affected by the beliefs, doctrines and practices of the Jehovah's Witness religion as governed by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (WTB&TS).We are not affiliated with the WTB&TS in any way and we take your privacy and security seriously doing our utmost to protect your identity and provide a friendly, tolerant and informative environment where you can ask questions, share information and make new friends.A number of short experiences showing shunning in action are collated in an article at Shunning Experiences.

And in essence, that's who He continues to be today. Some throw themselves wholeheartedly into this, and become addicted to religion rather than to the personal following of the Lord Jesus.

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Thirty years ago, during a bull-riding practice session, I met a handsome steer wrestler from Wyoming. In the privacy of my unspoken mind, I characterized my secret homosexual desires as "gay," a much gentler term for the desires that I didn't want, and a stark contrast to the epithets I used in public discussions of other homosexuals.

Others eventually face up to reality and break out of their religious addiction. People quitting one addiction tend to turn to another- be it alcohol, or finding yet another religion or set of beliefs to which they devote themselves.

It's most definitely our purpose to give you another "religion" to throw yourself into. For there is God, there is His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who died the hope of eternal life in Christ.