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RELATED: All Hail the Drunks: Showtime Renews ‘Shameless’, ‘Californication’, and ‘House of Lies’ “The Estefania character… people are starting to see through it.” NEXT: Life as a Starbucks barista.she’s someone who he’s been neglecting, and she starts to get very antsy, very restless, and wants more,” Chatwin says. So, what will Jimmy do to make Estefania and her dad happy? “Everything that he relied on as a Plan B, C, and D has completely fallen apart,” Chatwin says. ’ I think Jimmy has this very judgmental response to [the gay relationship], and I think through judging his father, he starts to see more about himself.tells the story of six wild-and-crazy kids who do wild-and-crazy things while their alcoholic father gets wild and crazy at the bar. At the head of the household is Fiona (Emmy Rossum), a stubbornly independent sister-mom who only just started accepting help from her boyfriend, Jimmy, this season. He cooks breakfast for the family, he sends the kids to school, and he still manages to give Fiona her orgasms. Now that gun-toting father knows that Jimmy has abandoned his dear Estefania (something he learned when he entered her apartment and found not Jimmy, but her new lover — whom he promptly shot in the head), for the true love of his life, Fiona.

But it wasn't — there were a lot of really great choices.Suddenly he's on the other side of it now, confronted with this new [trans] situation that he has to learn to accept,” she says.“Like people had to digest and process his sexuality in the beginning of the series, now Ian has to educate himself.That’s bigger to me than 'I love you.'” Isn’t that a great line? Or do you just want me to hug you and take you out on a date? When you say, “I trust you,” it's like, I could go away to war, and I know you’re not going to cheat on me. When me and Emmy got that script and we read that, we went, “Oh my God, this is so good.” I think it was an aha moment that we both had about relationships. [Speaking in a variety of voices.] "I love you," "I love you," "I love you," "I love you." What the hell does it mean?